Workshop for Front Line Workers

What all nurses must know now to eliminate the number one cause of stress, burnout and job dissatisfaction

 The purpose of the workshop is to help participants eliminate bullying from their lives and from the healthcare environment. In this interactive workshop, participants will explore:

  • Facts on bullying, examples of bullying behaviors and how to tell if you are being bullied
  • What is unique in healthcare and why bullying is so prevalent in the healthcare environment despite the existence of zero tolerance policies
  •  the effects of bullying on personal and professional life
  • workplace bullying and the law
  • employee/employer rights and responsibilities
  • why current strategies to deal with bullying are not effective
  • strategies that are effective when dealing with bullying in the workplace
  • what to do if you are being bullied or witness bullying
  • skills needed to achieve a "healthy" workplace.

Workshop for Managers

This workshop approaches healthcare bullying from a risk management perspective. Participants at this workshop will explore:

  • how to assess for bullying in the workplace
  • organizational costs associated with workplace bullying
  • effects of workplace bullying on patient safety and quality care
  • workplace bullying and the law
  • management rights and responsibilities
  • prevention strategies
  •  investigation and followup